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The ListServ is an exclusive e-mail network of computer oriented information for club members only. Receive emails about computer-related subjects and post requests for help with computer problems. Also, advertise hardware or software you want to sell or otherwise dispose of.

The e-mail address for PC users is vcslist@yahoogroups.com and for MAC users is  vcsmacs@yahoogroups.com. You can send and receive messages only if you are a registered subscriber. To subscribe, call Dave Johnson, the ListServ Manager, at (520)825-6994 or e-mail a request to dpjohn@aol.com and specify if you are interested in the PC list, the Mac list, or both.

It is strongly encouraged that all members sign up for the ListServs and to choose to receive all notices.



Listserv Policy

In order to focus the mutual-aid tradition of members helping members, the primary purpose of the Listserv shall be to deal with questions and answers regarding computer related issues only.  Jokes and political issues are prohibited.  Suggested topics include questions and answers regarding computer hardware, software, and operating systems; sources for computer-related information; software or hardware for sale, trade, or donation; relevant questions and answers; recommendations for Internet sites, and the URL's for software, hardware, service and supply sites; requests for volunteers; available jobs information; industry news updates; VCS projects, classes and meetings.

At the discretion of the Sun City Computer Society Board of Directors, members engaging in off-topic or unwelcome behavior may be subject to removal from the Listserv. Examples of unacceptable postings might include e-mail assaults with antagonistic, sarcastic, or insulting language; messages which accuse, belittle, or criticize another participant; or other socially inappropriate activity.

Using the Listserv to organize political type action like boycotts or protests or to mine the Listserv for potential supporters of a political type action is not permitted nor are actions relating to, involving, or characteristic of politics such as persistent campaigning for personal cause or goal. Computer-related general informational political discussion and reporting without recommendations to action or recruitment on the Listserv is permissible and within the scope of sanctioned VCS activities.

Use of the Listserv to publicly debate or dispute the policies of the Society is inappropriate for this forum. Rather, any member wishing to comment on or recommend changes in the policies of the Society should do so either by contacting a Board member, by personal appearance at any Board of Directors meeting, or by e-mail to the Board.

Use of the Listserv to discuss personal activities, responding to a "for sale" item or anything other than regarding experiences with computers is also inappropriate. Address the person you are contacting through his/her personal email address, which will always appear on the ListServ message. Sending personal messages through the Listserv creates excessive mail for subscribers and results in losing members and defeating the purpose of the Listserv. Answering questions on the Listserv is appropriate.as others may be interested in the answers.

Questions, comments, or problems should be addressed to the Listserv Manager. The current Listserv manager will be listed on all incoming ListServ messages or on the VCS website Directors/Advisors page.