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PC  and MAC Class Synopses

Creating & Publishing Club Websites On the SCV Server
Web space for the student's club will be assigned on the VCS website. With free software, students will create web pages compliant with the SCV formatting and content standards. The created web pages will be uploaded to the SCV website using additional free software.
iTunes (PC and MAC users)
Prerequisites: Basic computer and Internet experience
In this course, we will familiarize ourselves with Apple's iTunes application in a two two-hour session. We will learn how to install iTunes on PC, if you have not done so. iTunes application is preloaded in any of the MAC devices.  We will learn how to: organize music, upload music from a CD, create playlists, rip(burn) music into a CD.  We will also explore iTunes radio and movies as time permits.  You may bring your laptop, if you wish.
Facebook User Group (PC and MAC users)
In this course we will explore what a social Network is, setting up a Facebook account, setting security, setting privacy, finding and organizing friends, setting your status, communicating with your friends, setting timeline and newsfeed and sharing photos and videos, and setting Facebook notifications.  We will share tips and hints.  We will share 'what's new' with Facebook.
Gmail Settings and Preferences (PC and MAC users)
In this class we will cover the following: inbox styles and settings, notificatiosns, signature, gmail themes, gmail picture, vacation notifications, accounts and imports, keyboard shortcuts, and others.
iPad Users Group (Mac & PC Users)
Some of us are fairly new to our iPads.  Some of us explore and wander around our device,  happy to make discoveries. Others prefer to read a manual or buy a book. Still others take a class.  We all have different ways of learning.  With this in mind, the class will be VERY informal.  How we use our iPads.  How it is set up and organized.  What apps we've found AND use.  Tips and hints to share.  The class is unique because we will learn from each other.   Bring your iPads for Show and Tell.  
Making a Photo Book Using Shutterfly  (PC users, MAC observers)
Make a photo book with your Holiday photos. This class is for participants desiring to make a photo book, but not really sure where to start. We intend to show participants many of the features we have learned through trial and error, thus eliminating some of the time required to make a photo book. Class participants should be prepared to bring a disc or flash drive with approximately 50 pictures. Class members will be able to add more pictures at a later time, if needed.
PhotoShop Elements 100 (PC and MAC users) (Prerequisite: Downloading Photos from Your Camera to Your Computer)
This class is for beginners who want to learn the basics of Photoshop Elements.  We will cover the tools of Photoshop and basic image enhancements, including cropping, cloning, lighting adjustments, color adjustments, and sharpening. It is recommended that you have a version of Photoshop at home so that you can practice what you learn in class.
PhotoShop Elements 101 (PC and MAC users)
This course starts with an explanation of the PSE workspace, cropping, and separating groups of scanned photos. The main emphasis will be on adjusting lighting and color, especially as they apply to restoring old photographs. It will also cover selection tools which allow for working with parts of photos, creation of panoramas and will introduce the basics of layers. We strongly recommend that attendees have access to a computer with Photoshop Elements installed and that they spend several hours each week working at home on the lessons taught in class. We will supply CD's with the photos covered in class and, after each session, detailed notes on matters covered in that session.
Photoshop Elements 102 (PC and Mac users)
PSE 102 will be a continuation of PSE 101. We will go into more detail on selections, color adjustments, color correction. We will go into detail on shadow adjustment, hue and saturation adjustment, and black and white enhancing, and various layer adjustments. We will do extensive creation of collages and panoramas. 
Refining Resident Organization Websites
This class is only open to webmasters of SCV resident organization websites that are currently up and running. The fundamentals of KompoZer and FileZilla will be reviewed. Individual websites will be scrutinized with the aim of implementing improvements.
Tips for Using your iPhone
Bring your iPhone to this informal session and expand your use and options. Tips for navigating the touch screen, taking photos, downloading apps, docking alternatives and more. It's easy and fun!! (iPhone is not provided for this session--bring yours or expect a demonstration session.)

PC Class Synopses

Basic Excel - Creating an Address List
One session basic in creating an address list with columns and rows. Learn commands such as: create new file, open existing file, save as, insert/delete rows and columns, sort rows, basic formatting, column headings, and printing. Save address list to an thumb drive to be used in the Mail Merge Class. As time permits, also copy and paste, and other commands on the 'ribbon'. Prerequisite: Files and Folders or knowledge there of.
Beginning PC  (VCS Club Membership not required for attendance)
Session 1: PC pieces/parts definition, PC usage and purchasing guidelines and common beginning mistakes
Session 2: PC desktop and windows definitions, word processing basics, and tailoring the desktop
Session 3: Document and file management
Session 4: Personal computer maintenance tasks
Files and Folders in Windows 7
Copying, transferring, Save, Save as, creating folder, moving multiple files, USB's, moving pictures off your camera, creating an organized file system to find items.

Files and Folders in Windows 8

This class is about housekeeping on your hard drive.  Folders will be created; files will be copied and moved into folders.  Deleting sorting, renaming files and maneuvering within file Explorer will be covered.

Google Keep (Gmail Users Only)
Prerequisites: Have an Android device (phone or tablet) and bring it to class. Have a Gmail address and know what it is.
A simple, free application for Android phones and tablets. It is used to create simple notes, lists and reminders. You can think of it as the electronic equivalent of "sticky notes." One of the features is the ability to share a note with another Google Keep user.
Graphics in Word 2010 (for PC Users Only)
Prerequisite: Some familiarity with any version of Word.
Hands on instruction on how to insert, resize, move, and group clip art and pictures. Inserting watermarks, downloading and saving clip art is covered. A handout is provided.
Introduction to Windows  7
This class goes into more specifics than the Beginner PC class. I go much faster and get you around your computer system.  I do not cover email, Word, Excel, or photo program.  Just what comes on your computer. Start menu, New Taskbar, Taskbar Toolbars, Address bar, sorting, grouping, stacking, Windows 3-D Flip, Aero, Mouse makeover, Desktop, Remote assistance, new Notification Tray, Navigation Pane, Jump Lists, personalizing your computer, interior decorating,  And more, and more.
Mail Merge in 2007 and 2010
Mail Merge is used to create a set of documents such as a label or form letter that is sent to many friends, customers, or clients. You'll set up the main document, connect it to a data source (Excel file), and merge to a printable document. A handout is provided.
Picasa 100 - Free and Easy Photo Editing for PC and Mac Users
(Prerequisite: Knowledgeable and comfortable in using the PC Windows. If using the Mac, must be competent in knowing the Mac commands when given the command in PC Windows terms - as the instructor may not know the Mac.)
This 2-session class is for those who have a camera and wish to enhance their photos and share them with friends and family. You need not have Picasa on your home computer to take this class. We will cover the basic fixes and editing in Picasa, printing your pictures, and sharing your pictures online.
Picasa 101 - Fun with collages for PC and Mac Users
(Prerequisite: Knowledgeable and comfortable in using Picasa. If using the Mac, must be competent in knowing the Mac commands when given the command in PC Windows terms - as the instructor may not know the Mac.)
This 1-session class is for those who are already using Picasa and wish to learn how to make collages of their favorite pictures. Learn how to make use of the collage feature to enhance photos. Create different kinds of collages to make calendars, treasure hunts for grandchildren, and more.

Windows 8.1 for Seniors - Part 1

This class is a basic introduction to Windows 8.1.  You will learn how to navigate using the Start Screen, Desktop and Charms Bar. We will go over the various icons on the Start Screen and show you how to customize the icons for each user, over all making Windows 8.1 easier to use. The class will use the new Windows 8.1 computers installed in the Computer Lab this summer.

Windows 8.1 for Seniors - Part 2
Prerequisite: Must have taken Windows 8.1 for Seniors-Part 1 or be familiar with basic Windows 8.1
This class expands on the basic introduction to Windows 8.1 Class.  You will learn how to add addition accounts, sign on with a pin rather than a password, install and uninstall apps and programs, Explore additional features of Windows 8.1. Over all making Windows 8.1 easier to use.

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MAC Class Synopses

Except for students who register for the Mac 101 course, students must be a current member of the VCS Computer Club and be able to understand and apply the fundamentals of using a Macintosh computer. Their home Macintosh computer's operating system should be either OS X 10.4 (Tiger), OS X 10.5 (Leopard), or OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) 
MAC Basic Class
The Mac Basic class is for desktop and laptop computers. Yu may bring your personal laptop, No other devices will be discussed.

This class will be a detailed look at the basic features of the Mac operating system. It will include an extensive examination of the desktop, system preferences, various menus and task bars, and the dock. If time allows we will take a brief look at some of the Mac applications. There will be time for questions and answers as we go along.
MAC Tuneup and Troubleshooting
This two-session course will teach you how to organize your files and documents and use the utilities feature provided with every Mac to keep your computer running efficiently.

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